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Here are some Q & A that might help you in using this site and completing your purchase.

Shipping Information

  • Where is my order?

    Using the unique ID provided for your purchased item, you can search for the product's delivery status in the site. When the product is shipped, we will send you a SMS to the given number. We will ring you up when the product is out for delivery. You will also receive a SMS once the delivery is done.

Fit & Measurements

  • How do I find the right size & fit?

    You can solve the confusion regarding size and fit by taking a look at the size guide we have provided with each product page. Please click on the size guide to determine the size that suits you.

  • I don't know my measurement.

    Decide your measurement- this feature helps you and simplifies the process to find the right size. This section is loaded with all the details you need to find out your measurement.

  • How do I redeem a coupon?

    There are two options for applying for coupons on this website. You can either apply for the coupon in the checkout page or in the shopping bag. Next to your subtotal, in your shopping bag, you can click 'Apply a discount' and enter your code in the pop up box. Your subtotal, normally, should display the coupon right there itself. As these coupons are case sensitive, you need to be careful while entering your unique code into the box to ensure accuracy. We recommend you to copy-paste your code instead of typing it out yourself.

Returns & Exchanges

  • What is your returns policy?

    We sell only brand new products. But if you receive a damaged or defective item, you can always return the product to us. Returns are easier than you imagine. You must contact us for initiating the return process.

  • How do I make an exchange?

    You will shortly receive a call from us describing the entire process. Ekart Logistics will enable the pick-up of the item at possible locations. If Ekart is not able to organize the pick-up, due to any technical reasons, you can also return the product through a third party courier service. The seller will bear the return fee.

Notifications & Emails

  • Is it possible to order a sold out product?

    The products that listed under 'out of stock' category are not available for sale at this particular point in time. But if you use the 'Notify Me' feature for sending your interest in that particular product to us, we will try harder to get that product back on our site.

  • Why am I not getting email from FASHEO ?

    Sometimes, the email messages from Fasheo can be marked as spam by the filters of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mistakenly. You can check your spam folder and customize your own email settings to filter our mails back to your inbox.

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