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About Us

We spot you from the crowd! Yes, from that bustling, shrilling crowd! Because you are supercool! That’s why, precisely, you are here now!

Fashion is in our genes. Naturally, it reflects in the apparels we sell. We want you to be not just our customer but a part of our ever growing happy family. Here, you must do much more than shopping! What do you think about getting a ‘Fasheo’ Tattoo? Be a part of our beautiful dreams and you will have a nice time- A very nice time indeed. Fasheo is going to be the most interactive shopping destination you have ever come across. They say, ‘customer is god’. We say, ‘customer is the manager of god’! Ask us about how spiritual we are? ‘Very spiritual’, we say because we believe so blindly in our customers!

We strive to redesign your sense of fashion and open a whole new world of options for you. Fasheo is committed to deliver quality products for you and get you the ‘super cool tag’. This site will be your one stop destination for everything related to fashion. Be ready to get transported to a world of preppy fashion and a charming new wave of upbeat urban culture.

Boundaries that limit your charm potential are going to be vanished. We gift you a new sense of charm with creative thinking, constant learning and efficient process. Cutting edge designs and light weight price tags – This is our one and only mantra as we strive to bring you the best and latest look for less.

If you are excited, come take a jump into this pool of creative fashion and have the time of your life! We dream to be your Style Bible.